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A World Between Shadow and Light: A Review of HIM’s Tears on Tape

by JD Phillips: “It’s the sort of album I wish more musicians of today would bother to make –- fresh and interesting and, at times, slightly messy.”

JetSet Rejects: The Perfect Storm

Like a runaway train barreling down a mountainside, JetSet Rejects comes at you with a force so great, the impact slams you to the ground and embeds a lasting impression. To describe the band is nearly impossible.

A Conversation with Daniel Victor: “The messages I convey are directly from the stories in my heart”

Canadian producer, songwriter, and recording artist Daniel Victor revolutionized the music industry with Neverending White Lights: “a groundbreaking collaborative project, band, and conceptual album series”. In November of 2011 Victor and NWL released a third studio album, Act III: Love Will Ruin. This was followed by the long-awaited album Neuromancer, through his side project Black Ribbons, in October of last year.