Non Fiction Reading List

Vampire Archetype: Non Fiction Reading

  • Vampires, Burial, an
  • The Vampire: A Caseb
  • The Vampire Book: Th
  • The Vampire in Lore
  • The Penguin Book of
  • In Search of Dracula
  • Blood Read: The Vamp
  • Our Vampires, Oursel
  • Vampire God: The All
  • The Secret History o
  • Vampire Forensics: U
  • Real Vampires, Night
  • The Lure of the Vamp
  • Draculas, Vampires,
  • From Demons to Dracu
  • Embracing the Darkne
  • The Vampire Defanged
  • Vampire Legends in C
  • The Science of Vampi
  • The Ethical Psychic
  • Vampyre Virtues: The
  • The Red Book: A Read
  • The Philosophers' Se
  • Daimonic Reality: A
  • Vampires Among Us
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